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Battery and Battery Material Development

Kemetco Research has gathered a team of experts in battery material research, battery component development, and battery research. Kemetco Research works closely with clients to accelerate their development program with the intimate knowledge of various battery chemistries and battery fabrication techniques.

Kemetco has a track record helping clients to develop industrial process to generate battery grade material through bench scale process development and pilot plant scale up; to validate innovated battery component performance through electrochemical characterization and battery prototyping; and to research new battery chemistry through battery fabrication and battery performance testing. Kemetco Research has a wide range of battery equipment such as high current potentiostat, laser diffraction particle size analyzer, battery precursor reactor, battery electrode coating equipment, bench scale coin cell and pouch cell battery assembly equipment, and multi-channel battery analyzers.

Service Categories

Battery Development and Evaluation

Fuel Cell Development and Evaluation

Cathode precursor generation and testing

Projects Overview

• Evaluation of Ultra High Capacity Lead Acid Batteries

• Evaluation of Magnesium Air Fuel Cells

• Development of a Rechargeable Zinc Air Battery